Artist Statement

I aim to elevate the mundane and bring back life to items that have been forgotten, discarded or abandoned. A faded postcard, a battered old library book, a family photo, a scribbled receipt; I celebrate the history of everyday objects and the marks we make upon them. I combine and alter these found materials, along with my own handmade marks to create mixed media collages. By assembling materials that are both common and personal my pieces take on narratives that evoke a sense of familiarity and nostalgia in the viewer.

 My background in design lends a strong sense of spacing and composition that is a key element in the formation of each piece. Using a variety of processes, from printmaking to embroidery, I contrast loose and expressive mark making and textures with layers of controlled lines and shapes. The end results are intimate, small-scale, and two-dimensional, and retain a tactile quality, much like the pages of a scrapbook.